The Great Weizby

We had the great pleasure to host 23 Teams from all over the region in Weiz for our annual tournament. This year under the name The Great Weizby. The weekend was a blast on the fields, with some close matchups and great plays, and off the fields, be it at the tournament venue or the party.

Thank you all for joining us! We want to thank Stadt Weiz and Eule Koffeinbier for supporting this tournament! And we look forward to next year! #thegreatweizby

Tournament Standings:

Womens Division:
1. Flapper Girls (Catchup 1)
2. A little Party… (Maribor Ultimate)
3. Golden Girls (Catchup 2)
4. Styrian Sunrise (Styrian Hawks and GTV Ultimate)
5. Mantis (Ultimate Vienna)
6. GatsBees (ZomBees – Ultimate Frisbee)
7. box – vienna ultimate
8. Outsisterz (Outsiterz Ultimate Frisbee Team)
9. Ultimate Krško – Nuclear Discs
10. Lädybugs (Augärtner Ultimate Graz)
11. Mosquitas (Mosquitos Ultimate)

Spirit: Mantis

Men’s Division:
1. FWD (Ultimate Vienna)
2. 5/8erl
3. Weizby’s 8 (Maribor Ultimate)
4. DiscoboyEZ (thebigEZ)
5. Outsiterz (Outsiterz Ultimate Frisbee Team)
6. Leonardo DiCatchup
7. Disc Fiction
8. Catchup DiCaprio
10. Mosquitos Ultimate
11. Hirschkäfer (Augärtner Ultimate Graz)
12. GatsBees (ZomBees – Ultimate Frisbee)

Spirit: Mosquitos & GatsBees

Costume: 5/8erl

Party: FWD